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live emotions

Have you ever wondered what other people are doing while you are reading this text?

Sometimes we forget that all people on this planet are living exclusive moments at the same time. Everyone is living his own moment with unique emotions.

We believe that there is beauty in every moment.

join events

Every lifeshot user will be surprised at a specific point in time. It doesn’t matter in which time zone you will be. Life is now.

You will be informed with a push notification about a lifeshot event in progress. Once a lifeshot has started you will have only five minutes to capture your unique moment or the world around you.

Surprise the whole world with your spontaneous photos.

public lifeshot

Once a day a public lifeshot will take place and surprise you when you will not expect it. These events will have a specific topic and they can be worldwide or bound to a defined geographical region.

All photos published during a public lifeshot can be seen by everyone else, even by users who are not your friends.

secret lifeshot

You can launch a secret lifeshot to challenge your friends. Once created only friends you have invited can join this lifeshot and take a topical picture. This pictures can be seen only by this limited group of friends chosen before.

Be creative and you will get funny pics of your friends!

it´s real

Most social media pages show past moments in life. Plus, most pictures were edited by sophisticated filters.

We at lifeshot believe that our daily moments are unique and they don't need to be distorted. That’s why we decided that lifeshot will be a photo-community for real moments. You cannot modify your pictures with filters or upload one from your smartphone gallery.

At the end of a lifeshot event you will see the real world trough pictures shot at the same time.


capturing life as it is.


You will never know when you will be challenged to capture your unique moment!

time limit

After you got an invitation you will only have five minutes to take a picture!

no filter

lifeshot pictures show the reality. There is no possibility to modify your photos with filters!

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